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Hatha Yoga for me includes: Asana practice, breathing exercises and deep relaxation. My teaching style includes powerful and relaxing classes.

Forrest Yoga is based on Hatha. A specific sequencing, deep breathwork and  use of special props build strength, detox and release physical and emotional pain. 


It is my aim  that you feel physically and mentally fresh and strengthened after your practice with me.


For open classes it is important to me to offer alternatives so that you can practice according to your personal yoga level.

In Berlin I am teaching at: Yogibar, EveryDamnDayYoga, Yoga Delta and Youlipa.


You are looking for
60-90 minute strengthening, stretching and relaxing Hatha Yoga sessions for all levels?

In my weekly calendar you will find my open classes at Berlin Studios like: Yogibar, Yoga Delta, Every Damn Day Yoga, Yoilipa.


Yoga workshops are wonderful for teaching a specific topic for half a day or a full day. Do you really want to focus on standing asanas?  Open the hip? Relax to the Max?  Sketching your own yoga sequence for your home practise? Next Workshop: 24.02.19 Sketch Yoga Sequences!


Company health management is subsidised annually with 500 euros per team member as a tax-free amount for companies. A great opportunity for employees to do something good. Yoga demonstrably improves concentration, posture, relieves tension and brings fresh energy, joy and creativity to the workplace.  


You would like to have yoga taught at home or you have a mini-group that would like to be taught individually? I love to hear more about your individual ideas


You think it's great to escape for a few days and combine your holiday with yoga? A long weekend or even more, daily yoga and meditation practice in beautiful places. Mental Detox, Anti Stress Coaching, Life Energy Balance? 
Sounds good to you? 


Stress? Professional or private burdens? The feeling that the energy-life balance could be better? How do I relax?  Do I have a burnout? How do I prioritize a large number of daily tasks? In addition to my yoga expertise, I am a certified stress burnout management coach according to health prevention laws and coach individuals and companies. 

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