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I like it simple: Two great passions shape my life: Design and movement.

Movement is always my tool for balancing and relaxing. In my childhood I did ballet and dance for 20 years or tried all kinds of other sports and movements, even water ballet, because I was incredibly in love with wearing a nose clip when I was 8 years old. A love that didn't last. My perpetual love is called yoga. 

More than 15 years ago I first came in touch with Yoga and Ayurveda in India. As an analytical person, I was almost overwhelmed by the effect. Without being esoteric, it did, quite simply, as I like it, its job. Relaxed, changed habits, expanded approaches and perspectives, made the body fit and flexible. 

Since then yoga has been a faithful companion and must be used in all situations in life to bring relaxation, focus, clarity and movement into body and mind. Over the years I was so enthusiastic that I felt like passing on yoga and completed a certified 200H Hatha Yoga training with Helen Meyer at Yogibar Berlin since then I teach weekly classes and workshops at Yogibar. I expanded my portfolio with a Poppy Perinatal Yoga Training. 


In 2019 I decided to take more trainings and teach internationally. In Thailand I teached Hatha Yoga, Pranayama&Meditation in a 200h Teacher Training at uluyoga. To broaden my style expertise I took an 50h Yoga Alliance Aerial training. In August 2019 I took a Forrest Yoga Teacher Training with Ana Forrest in Bali (200h RYT). Afterwards I directly teached Forrest Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayma&Meditation daily for 2 months at at gili air, Indonesia. 

2020 I completed my Sarah Powers Insight Yoga Training to add Yin Yoga to my portfolio. The most healthy and balanced way of training is a mix of powerful and relaxing classes. That is why I also finished a teacher training at Youpila to become a Barre Trainer ( Ballett workout&Pilates). 

In the yoga field I often meet participants who practice yoga for stress management, burnout prevention or burnout therapy. In order to offer targeted assistance in group and individual coachings, I am also a stress- burnout-mobbing mastercoach and  health prevention coach. The professional training contents at the MSP Trainerakademie (Institute for Stress Research, state-approved further education institute §10 AwBG)) are certified with quality management. It is a specialized training after the FRG health prevention law SGB V§20 A. 


Professionally I have been part of exciting, successful, inspiring, fast-paced, ambitious, wonderful teams, projects and companies for the last 15 years. In London and Germany I researched material and colour trends in interiors, held trend panels and workshops and as a speaker at trade fairs and events I tried to entertain, inform and provide food for thought.


At American start-ups like and I was involved in the European launch in areas such as purchasing strategy and community building. I was responsible for the fashion and lifestyle range of Barefootliving, the lifestyle brand of producer and actor Til Schweiger or lead category management at Ebay. Just to name a few of the great projects I had the chance to contribute to.


I admit that as a workaholic who handled numbers and a lot of budget at first I never thought it would be so great and fulfilling to get direct feedback from people after a yoga lesson instead of an Excel spreadsheet.


Yoga fascinates me. Its effect has led me to bring my two passions together professionally. Design, coaching and yoga projects shape my daily work.


Tanja was a much valued member of the Flowers and Fire Yoga teaching team, specializing in Forrest and Hatha style yoga. As studio owner I was gratified by the consistency positive feedback students gave me about her classes. Tanya has a warm and friendly manner and an inclusive teaching approach where she makes the practice accessible to all levels of experience while equally offering challenging options for the more advanced students. Tanja’s facilitation of Forrest Yoga classes was particularly impressive with many students reporting powerful breakthroughs and shifts during these sessions. I would happily welcome Tanya back to the centre in future as her sunny, engaging manner and powerful  facilitation give her classes the wow factor I am looking for at the studio.
Emily Christian, Founder and Creative Director of Flowers and Fire Yoga, Gili Air, Indonesia.


Inquisitive, cheerful, focused, humorous and persevering is how I experienced Tanja at yogibar during her Hatha Yoga teacher training. Her lessons are calm, powerful and inspiring. She is a gift for every student.

Helen Meyer, Yogibar

Before class Tanja is full of sunny energy and happiness. I am fascinated and inspired by how she takes me to a completely different facet of herself in her yoga classes and carries me pleasantly calmly through my yoga practice. 

Zenzi Marks, Yoga Schülerin

During her training at the MSP Trainerakademie Germany I got to know Tanja as a very warm, positive, radiant and sensitive woman.

She has a high acceptance for people, has acted very smart in the coaching sequences and has also worked in a loving and leading manner in the relaxation sequences. This is a wonderful basis for coaching people suffering from stress, overwork, burnout or even bullying.

Dr. h. c. Marlis Speis

Psychologin, Betriebswirtin, Kinesiologin (TCM)

Tanja was an amazing employee at Fab and someone I worked very closely with. She and I traveled to most major design weeks across Europe, spotting trends, sparking collaborations with young design talent, and being the face of Fab to the strategic and iconic design brands of Europe.

She's a hustler too, always moving and always making things happen. She was a trusted advisor and an inspiring leader to a team of diverse buyers at Fab and she partnered effectively with her US counterpart to land major design brands for Fab.

She has a trained eye and a direct and easy way to her communication, which made her well liked and admired both within our company and out in the design industry. I highly recommend her. She will add so much value to your organization and she's a compassionate, lovely human with a strong work ethic. She's fantastic.

Bradford Shellhammer, VP Buyer Experience, eBay, Founder of Fab

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