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Stress-Burnout-Mobbing Master- CoachHealth Prevention Coach

For many, coping with stress is a reason to start yoga practice. Yoga and exercise offer great opportunities to relax and grow mentally. I loved to add addtional levels:
The verbal plus body and mental oriented technics.

I completed my professional training at the MSP Trainerakademie (Institute for Stress Research, state-approved further education institute) in accordance with the German Health Prevention SGB V§20A.

Individual or group work is all about recognizing stress symptoms, the risk of burnout, conflicts and physical strain in professional and private situations. 

My goal is to show you how an energy-life and work-life balance can be achieved. I support you in dealing better with stress and conflict situations and in increasing your mental strength, positive thinking and stress resistance. 

My work is a mixture of conversation, stress testing, analysis and individual coaching. It is systematic and solution-oriented. The discussion is supplemented by body-oriented measures. Bodywork can include yoga practice, autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation (Jacobsen), life energy massage, kinesiologie (TCM). All applications in clothed state. 

In addition to coaching sessions, it is important to me to provide you with short relaxation methods that can be incorporated into everyday life and carried out independently. 

For me, a relaxed attitude and appreciative communication are the prerequisites for developing new solutions. 

I would like to invite you to a 20-minute free interview to see if we are a perfect match.

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